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Techniseal HP NextGel Jointing Sand / RG+ Polymeric Sand

Jointing Sand

An investment in pavers adds character and value to a home. However, the erosion of joint sand and the appearance of weeds and ants can quickly create an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful outdoor space. Techniseal® jointing sands are high-tech products that ensure the stability and durability of paver joints.

Applied dry,they harden when activated with water, and retain a degree of flexibility with moisture. Unlike mortar, they resist cracking because they follow the natural movement of soil caused by moisture changes as well as freezing and thawing. They resist erosion caused by sweeping, wind, rain, and even pressure washing. They also inhibit weed growth and resist insect infestation, leaving pavers clean at all times.

Contact your local Expocrete dealer for advice on what cleaner or sealant would work best for you.

HP Next Gel Sand

  • Concrete pavers, wet-cast pavers, natural stone, textured or clay pavers and porcelain tiles
  • Heavy-sloped and high-traffic areas
  • High-humidity areas and pool decks
  • Commercial, residential, industrial and public projects
  • False and wide joints from 1.5mm to 10cm (1/16” to 4”)
  • HP NextGel Product Calculator

RG+ Polymeric Sand

  • General use fo pavers made of concrete, natural stone, etc.
  • For pedestrian or light vehicular traffic areas
  • For walkways, patios, driveways, small commercial parking lots, etc
  • For paver joints from 1.5mm to 2.5 cm (1/16” to 1”)
  • RG+ Product Calculator

Available Colours


Bison Screwjack Pedestals

Design and build level decks on rooftops or any structural surface with the capacity to support up to 1000lbs per pedestal.

  • • Reaches up to 16” with fast “screw-to-adjust” installation
    • Impervious to water, mould and freeze/thaw
    • Come pre-assembled
    • Engagement “bumps” warn of over-extension
    • Contains 20% post-industrial recycled material
    • Packaged in weather resistant boxes
  • Dynamex Rise-It Pedestal

    The Dynamex™ Rise-It Paver Pedestal System, is an integral part of your hardscaping installation. Designed to fully support the load of installed pavers and foot traffic, while reducing vibration & shock, the system is tested to withstand over 6,500 lbs of load.

    Apply over broken sidewalksor uneven concrete areas to convert them into well-drained, level surfaces for entertaining, storage, or improved access.

    The main advantages of the Rise-It system are simplified and reliable installation, improved drainage and protection of critical roofing membranes and moisture barrier systems.

    Precision manufactured and durably made from 100% recycled materials; Due to their high-load bearing properties and ease of leveling, the Rise-It system can be used to convert unused roof space into valuable patio real estate.

    Edge Restraints

    All paving stone applications require an edge restraint
    to prevent lateral movement. Even patio slabs need
    the protection of a secure edge restraint. Paving stone
    edge restraints are easy to install using a common 8"-12"
    landscape spike.


    8' Length

    SnapEdge8' Length