Dynamex™ Rise-It Pedestal System

Make the most out of any space. From balconies and rooftops to terraces and even raised patios, our pedestal systems allow developers and property owners a like extend the life of their infrasture while also maximizing return on investment.

Dynamex™ Rise-It Pedestal System

The Dynamex™ Rise-It Paver Pedestal System, is an integral part of your hardscaping installation. Designed to fully support the load of installed pavers and foot traffic, while reducing vibration & shock, the system is tested to withstand over 6,500 lbs of load.

Apply over broken sidewalksor uneven concrete areas to convert them into well-drained, level surfaces for entertaining, storage, or improved access.

The main advantages of the Rise-It system are simplified and reliable installation, improved drainage and protection of critical roofing membranes and moisture barrier systems.

Precision manufactured and durably made from 100% recycled materials; Due to their high-load bearing properties and ease of leveling, the Rise-It system can be used to convert unused roof space into valuable patio real estate.