Snap Edge®

Edge restraints secure the hardscape system and are a necessity in any hardscape project installation if you want it to look beautiful through the years. To avoid the high cost of paver edge restraint failure and ultimately protect your reputation, carefully consider the many factors that affect the edge restraints performance over the lifetime of a paver project.

All paving stone applications require an edge restraint to prevent lateral movement. Even patio slabs need the protection of a secure edge restraint. Paving stone edge restraints are easy to install using a common 8"-12" landscape spike.

Snap Edge®

SnapEdgeSNAPEDGE - 8' Length

  • Original Snip & Flex design eliminates need to carry a rigid and  ex model.
  • Injection molded design, incorporating features that provide strength and stability.
  • Thick back walls that are reinforced by buttresses giving the strength needed to keep an interlocking pavement system in place
  • Strong interlocking joint held together with a spike to make a secure connection and provide maximum support.
  • Reinforced spike bosses centered on footing securely hold edging in place, better than any other edge in the world.
  • Open base design allows for healthy grass growth along paver edge creating a strong yet invisible edge.
  • Made of 100% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): Resists warping, twisting and breaking, even after exposure.