The natural and aesthetically pleasing look and feel of our architectural concrete wall products will bring long lasting beauty and solid savings to your project while pleasing the most eco-conscious and environmentally aware consumer. 

Expocrete concrete masonry is the ideal material for all categories of construction, whether it is a hospital, office center, school, government, institutional, apartment/residential project, commercial retail unit, warehouse or any other creative construction challenge.

Expocrete concrete masonry is a cost effective solution which offers the ultimate in design flexibility. Expocrete concrete masonry is available in a wide variety of product sizes, face textures, and colours to complement the surrounding architecture and environment. Additionally, Expocrete concrete masonry offers fire, weather resistance and sound-proofing while requiring virtually no ongoing maintenance. Our concrete masonry products are environment-friendly, sustainable and green as they do not deplete natural resources such as timber.

The Benefits of an Expocrete Masonry Wall System:

If you desire a new or renovated structure that will bring lasting beauty, solid economic savings and is aesthetically pleasing, Expocrete architectural concrete masonry products are the solution. When used in a masonry wall system they provide the following benefits:

  • Great choice of sizes, shapes, textures and colours - including both smooth and split face units in a variety of colours to match your landscape.
  • Expocrete's ColourFast pigments produce a rich colored stone with a variety of eye catching textures that are available in split face and smooth units to match your landscape.
  • Structural, Veneer, and Expocrete's Terrazzo are also available.
  • Structural support including load bearing walls as well as a facing material for buildings.
  • Design, quality and flexibility - build an arch, circle or change wall directions easily.
  • Insurance savings - reduced insurance premiums for masonry buildings.
  • Minimum maintenance which reduces building maintenance costs.
  • Resistant to sound transmission.
  • Energy saving - a total thermal break reducing heating/cooling costs.
  • Mold resistant.